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Covid Compliant


Cheeky Cherubs is dedicated to the health and well being of everyone who enters the center, we are committed to keeping everyone safe and compliant with all legislation. 

Soft Play Areas are a valuable community asset that provides children with a stimulating and tactile experience to exercise and learn through play. Making them available provides important physical, social, emotional and cognitive development opportunities for children. Soft play provides users with the opportunity to exercise and improve their physical and mental health.

​Please click on the document below for a full Covid Risk assessment.  We will be updating this risk assessment regularly in line with government and local authority guidelines. 

The following document sets out guidance on how to open indoor play (including indoor soft play) areas safely while minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19. It gives practical considerations for how guidance can be applied in the workplace and at these locations. We will be using this document to plan our reopening. 

We have a vigorous cleaning policy to comply with sanitizing our equipment in between and after each play session. 

We have also purchased a Fogging Machine.  This machine cleans and disinfects in all the nooks and crannies killing Covid 19 and many other pathogenic viruses. They are used in hospitals and food preparation areas.

Along with the guidelines, we will be checking customers temperature with a digital thermometer on entrance. There will be limited small movable toys and we will be offering a table service.