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Rules of Play

1                 Children should use the toilet and wash their hands before entering the play areas.

2                 Leave jewellery and badges etc with Parents/Guardians.

3                 Spectacles should only be worn if used with a retainer and have shatterproof lenses.

4                 Please remove shoes before entering the play areas but socks must be worn at all times.

5                 In case of a problem please contact the owner or a member of staff.

6                 All children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.

7                 Please do not linger at slide exits.

8                 Clothes with ropes or cords should not be worn inside the play area.

9                 No sharp objects may be taken into the play areas.

10              Fighting or bullying will not be tolerated and guilty parties will be asked to leave.

11              It is forbidden to climb the netted walls or the system structure.

12              No food, drinks or chewing gum should be taken into the play areas.

13              It is forbidden to smoke or play with fire within the play areas.

14              Children who are unwell should not enter the play areas.

15              Balls or other loose objects should not be thrown at each other.

16              Please do not climb up the slides.

17              Please ensure socks are worn at all times.

18              Parents and guardians remain responsible for supervising their children AT ALL TIMES.

Safety information

Please make sure you sign in and out of Cheeky Cherubs.

Please notify staff immediately if you see something that you feel needs attention; the safety of your children is of paramount importance to us.

Please take care with hot food and drink particularly when carrying items to your table; children do tend to run and not look where they are going.

Please pay attention to the age guidelines for different areas within Cheeky Cherubs and ensure that over 4s do not play in the baby and toddler area unless they are accompanying a younger child. If an older child is accompanying, please ensure that they play appropriately.

Please store children’s shoes under the table where you are sitting so that they don’t create a trip hazard (or get lost at the end of your visit!).

Thank You!