Play Village

Happy Land

An exciting room to free your child’s imagination.  The area has a home corner with a cooker, dolls, construction and dressing up.  Every several weeks the area changes so your child can:

  • Pretend to be an optician or get their eyes tested at ‘Thomas Carters’.  
  • Be a cashier or customer at ‘Sainsbury’s’.  
  • Role-play a fishmonger at ‘What’s the Catch’
  • Serve lunch at ‘Cheeky Cherubs Cafe’. 
  • Weigh pasta and save the planet at ‘Zero Waste’.
  • Read and borrow books at ‘Urmston Library’. 

Roleplay is an important part of your child’s overall, holistic development, as it builds confidence, creativity, communication, physical development, and problem-solving skills.  Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances.  It can be child-led and encourages your child to take risks and be creative with the role they are playing.  It is a fun way for children to learn about different professions and day-to-day situations and build their social skills. 

This room was gratefully funded by Youth Uk